I found this article incredibly interesting and touched home to me as a woman who usually votes Republican. I may have different opinions from Sen Huchison on many traditional “woman’s issues” but I loved her commentary here on the fact that the GOP is not anti-woman and that assuming that a rational thinking woman HAS to think one way about an issue is wrong.

Some highlights:

“Women make up half of the most diverse country in the world. We are represented ethnically, socially, racially, economically, religiously and ideologically across the spectrum. To say that there is a set of concerns that can be labeled “women’s issues” is absolutely true. To assume that we all feel the same way about them — or that we must feel the same way about them to represent our gender legitimately — is inherently sexist.”

“Americans have thoughts, opinions and ideas spanning the political spectrum, about which reasonable people can respectfully disagree. But it is both unreasonable and disrespectful to demand that half of them hold identical views simply because of their gender.”

Unfriendly to women? Not my GOP

By Kay Bailey Hutchison via CNN