A few thoughts on the presidential election and conventions thus far:

*The 24 hour news cycle is evil, and I am determined to not watch any coverage from the “news” only TV networks and rather observe this election coverage in print and online only. The Colbert Report and Daily Show may be my only occasional TV influence for this election. They don’t really count as “news” but at least they make me laugh.

*National Conventions have always fascinated me in their patriotic pageantry. I wonder if the same company provides the red, white and blue balloons and confetti for both parties.

*As a “some e-card” I saw so eloquently put it: “I desperately need a ‘hide political posts’ button on Facebook so I can still like all my friends after the election year is over”.

*The emphasis on the spouses of the candidates always seems quite odd to me.

*The prominence of faith in politics this election cycle seems a little more pronounced than in past years and it honestly kind of worries me.
(side note: this is an interesting piece on the people giving prayers at the DNC this week and why they were chosen)

*I love watching the use of certain songs as campaign anthems; then artist’s support or anger at the usage. Someone should really write a book on the psychology of campaign music, and if someone has I want to read it.